Emo Hairstyles and Fashion

For many people, including Emo’s, their hairstyle is a direct indication of their fashion statement. For people who are conservative they generally have a conservative and fairly low key routine hairstyle. The word Emo started out as a form of uncharacteristic rock music but it has become so much more than just that. Emo has expanded to the fashion scene and is also evident in the hairstyles that individuals where.

Emo fashion is bold. Most people refer to it as punk rock attire and some might even consider it to be Gothic in nature though it is generally much more colorful and not focused on dark colors such as the color black. Both men and women wear black eyeliner as well as black finger nail polish. Body piercing is very popular in the Emo world and no body part is off limits. Some girls may opt for fishnet stockings with some type of unique mini skirt.

Both men and women who are into Emo fashion generally have unique hairstyles. Their hair may be several different colors. It can contain colors such as purple, yellow, red and blue. No color combination is off limits. Men and women who have what is known as Emo hairstyles generally have extremely spiky hair. The higher the spikes and the more color combinations used the more unique the person as well as the hairstyle is considered. Though there is much flexibility in the term Emo, one thing that is known is that there is definitely no one way to describe it.

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