Flyaway hair during winter is a common problem because positive charges pick up your hair strands. Bad hair days equate to bad mood, and your hair makes it all too obvious by looking like it wants to leave you to play with snow (It's your lucky day, read these14 weird but effective ways to avoid a bad hair day ). A basic tip to get away from flyaway hair during winter is to add moisture. To make sure you get good hair days the whole year round, here are some tips that you’ll definitely find very easy to follow:
  • Tame your flyaway hair with hairspray. You can also spray your comb or hairbrush with a styling product or a hairspray, then tame your hair with it.
  • Expect static to be stronger during the cold months. The air gets dry inside your workplace or homes because of heating systems. To beat the cold and the static that comes with it, then spend $25 to get a humidifier.A humidifier evaporates drain water by ultrasonic vapor mechanisms or cooking some amounts of water. You can buy a humidifier with ultrasonic vapor mechanism if you are fine with producing cold fog in your house. The cooking device, on the other hand, will create steam. With a humidifier, your hair gets air with the right humidity level. Because of increased humidity, a reduction in static is made. If your hair is curly, your curls become stronger if the humidity is higher.
  • Use a gel or hair serum to tame your static hair. Gels and serums based on silicone are proven to tame your unruly hair. You can also use these products to make your hair smoother. Leave-on conditioners also help stylize your hair. Remember that a great way to get away with hair problems is to use the right hairstyling products.
  • Carry a lotion in your bag. You can use your body or hand lotion to tame your flyaway hair. Apply a little amount of lotion or cream on your hair and then run your fingers through the frizzy areas of your hair. If you are going to use lotion, remember to never use too much.
  • Use a dryer sheet and run it across your hair to get rid of flyaway hair. Shopping for hair products in general is easy as long as you know what you are looking for. In this case, look for products with essential oils, vitamin A, vitamin E, panthenol, biotin, jojoba, keratin, wheat germ or coconut oil because these substances tame your hair frizzy hair.
  • You can also try to dampen your hair. Wet your hands slightly and then run your fingers through your hair. You can also put water into a spray bottle and then spray water on your hair, especially on the areas with flyaway strands.
  • You can use static-free brushes. A dryer softener sheet will do the trick. Just rub it over your hair brush before brushing your hair. Your hair will not just become static-free but tangle-free as well.
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