Prince William and Catherine Middleton sealed their wedding vows with a traditional kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace Friday as millions in London and around the world roared their approval.
The short peck — and a slightly longer smooch a couple of minutes later — followed a glittering service at Westminster Abbey in which the prince and the newly created Duchess of Cambridge were pronounced husband and wife.
The kisses were followed by a traditional fly-by of vintage and modern planes from Britain's Royal Air Force.
The couple took their vows at about 11:15 a.m. (6:15 a.m. ET) with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, officiating.

The prince, 28, dressed in the resplendent red tunic of the Irish Guards, appeared to initially struggle to get thewedding ring, made of Welsh gold, onto the elegant, tiara-bedecked Middleton's finger.
William said "I will" in a clear confident voice, when asked if he would "love, comfort, honor and keep" Middleton, 29. She appeared slightly emotional as she repeated her vows.
The prince was spotted winking at his new bride — the first "commoner" to marry a prince in close proximity to the throne in more than 350 years — after they exchanged vows.

Newsmax’s Donald Trump presidential poll

And the online poll continues to show that Americans overwhelmingly favor Trump as their preferred candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

Online participants in the ongoing survey, a non-scientific poll, also support Trump by a wide margin in a head-to-head matchup with President Barack Obama.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the poll had received 1,026,891 responses, the largest poll ever fielded by Newsmax.

If the election were held today, Trump — who says he is seriously considering a run for president in 2012 — would beat Obama in a landslide, 65 percent to 16 percent. But that lead is just as sizeable when Trump faces off against the best and the brightest in the oft-mentioned field of GOP contenders for 2012.

Trump takes 55 percent of the vote in a field including Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Tim Pawlenty. His closest competitor, according to the poll, is former Massachusetts Gov. Romney with 10 percent of the vote.

The online poll has already attracted considerable attention in the media. Outlets such as U.S. News & World Report, FoxNews.com, the “Fox & Friends” TV show, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, and Slate.com have all mentioned the poll in recent days.

Editor’s Note: You can still vote in Newsmax’s online poll about Donald Trump and his 2012 prospects. Vote Here Now
When Trump recently told Hannity that polls show he is either tied or can beat Obama in 2012, he said the Newsmax poll was “the best of all.”

And when he sat down for an interview with Time magazine, the first thing the real estate mogul cited to demonstrate his credibility as a presidential candidate was the Newsmax poll.

Following are the poll questions and results. Percentages do not total 100 because of rounding:

1) Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump?

Favorable: 73 percent
Unfavorable: 26 percent

2) If the 2012 election were held today, who would you vote for?

Barack Obama: 16 percent
Donald Trump: 65 percent
Other: 17 percent

3) In a Republican primary, who would be your candidate for the nomination for president?

Donald Trump: 55 percent
Tim Pawlenty: 2 percent
Mitt Romney: 10 percent
Mike Huckabee: 8 percent
Sarah Palin: 6 percent
Mitch Daniels: 1 percent
Haley Barbour: 0 percent
Newt Gingrich: 5 percent
Bobby Jindal: 2 percent
Michele Bachmann: 4 percent
Ron Paul: 2 percent

4) Is Trump right in demanding that Pres. Obama release his birth certificate?

Trump is right: 78 percent
Trump is wrong: 21 percent

Trump also came out on top in a Newsmax/InsiderAdvantage poll completed on Monday night, which showed Trump leading all potential GOP candidates with 14.3 percent of the vote. Huckabee was second with 14.1 percent, followed by Romney with 13.5 percent.

The two polls results reflect a growing enthusiasm for a Trump candidacy across America.

Republican Pete Hoekstra, who served 18 years in the U.S. House, told Newsmax that Donald Trump is the only potential GOP presidential candidate who has “captured the imagination” and says a Trump candidacy could “resonate very, very well” with the voters in 2012.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said: “I do have respect for Donald Trump and for his candidness — I think people are craving that today, in the world of political speak.”

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said a presidential run by Trump would be good for the country. "I've always said the public benefits from more choice. If Donald Trump wants to run, he should run," Bloomberg told reporters.

And veteran political analyst Roger Stone told Newsmax that Trump’s potential presidential campaign is getting traction because people are “disgusted and outraged” about what has happened in the country under the Obama administration.

“I think people are really tuning into what he is saying,” Stone observed.

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling also showed Trump leading all prospective 2012 Republican presidential candidates. Trump garnered 26 percent of the vote and Mike Huckabee was second at 17 percent.

Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling, said: “Who knows if he’s really going to end up running or not, but Donald Trump is certainly getting a lot of traction with Republican primary voters.

“A lot of GOP voters have not been happy with their choice of candidates and Trump is filling that void, at least for the moment.”

Trump also debuted atop a new Gallup survey that for the first time listed him as a potential Republican presidential hopeful. Trump garnered 16 percent of the support in the survey of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

Trump got the ball rolling on a possible White House run in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Newsmax in late January.

The billionaire businessman pulled no punches, taking aim at the banks, Obamacare, the weak dollar, and American diplomats, and asserting it is “insane” to spend fortunes in other countries when the United States is in dire need of rebuilding.

He criticized America’s “horrible” trade agreements, declared that the Middle East is going to explode, warned about “catastrophic” oil prices, and charged that Obama’s Afghanistan policy is “dangerous and stupid.”

He also complained that the United States is a “laughing stock” throughout the world.

About OPEC, he said: “I think it’s unfair. I think it’s illegal. If you have a store and I have a store and we collude and set prices, we go to jail. Here you have 12 men, in this case all men, they sit around a table and they set the price of oil.

“We have to do something about OPEC because that’s the life blood of the country.”

Asked how serious he is about running for president, Trump responded: “I think you can see that I’m very serious. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

“I’m looking at what’s happening with this country and frankly, it’s very sad. I see what’s happening left and right, how we’re being abused by other nations, and I don’t like it. I don’t like what’s happening with jobs. I am seriously thinking about it," Trump added.

“I love the country and I hate what’s happening to the country.”

Editor’s Note: You can still vote in Newsmax’s online poll about Donald Trump and his 2012 prospects. Vote Here Now


Blake Lively (l. in Sept; r. on Tuesday) dyed her hair from blond to red for the movie 'Hitch.'
Andrew H. Walker/Getty; Peter Kramer/AP
Blake Lively (l. in Sept; r. on Tuesday) dyed her hair from blond to red for the movie 'Hitch.'Bye, bye blonde

Blond be gone!
That's the choice Blake Lively made recently when it came to her flowing, golden locks.
The actress, well-known for her enviable sunny head of hair, showed off a shiny red 'do at the Time 100 Gala in Manhattan on Tuesday.
"She changed it for the film 'Hick,' which she is shooting now," her rep explained to the Daily News.
The film, which also stars Chloe Moretz, Eddie Redmayne and Alec Baldwin, is currently filming in Wilmington, N.C.
The new color isn't entirely a stretch for Lively since, as her rep pointed out, she went "brownish red" for the upcoming "Green Lanten" with Ryan Reynolds.
According to Movieline, more than a dozen shades were tested to get the right look for her character, Carol Ferris, though there is speculation that Lively ended up wearing a wig in the superhero flick.
The "Gossip Girl" star, 23, was recently named on the Time 100, the magazine's annual list of "the most influential people in the world."
Friend and director Baz Luhrmann praised the actress for symbolizing the "vitality of youth."
"That indefinable, natural, unprocessed glamour full of possibility and filled with anticipation for an endless future," he wrote in the mag.

long hair style

long hair trend

Double hair knot

There's been a fixation of late for hair trends for long hair to have an effortless appeal to them: the double hair knot 2011 hair trend builds on that appeal. As simple as it sounds, this is a hair trend that can be worn in 2011's autumn (fall) / winter seasons along with the year's spring / summer seasons. Click the previous link to find out more, along with 'how to style it' tips and product recommendations.
top knot hair 2011

Braided topknot

With 2011's hair trends dominated by hairstyles as opposed to particular cuts, it's should come as no surprise to see that braids remain on trend. In 2011, however, the begin to fuse with other popular hairstyles, in this case the topknot. Click to find out more about the braided topknot including a detailed how-to guide, and a look at the catwalks that inspired it.

Bridesmaids Hairstyles Trends 2011

When it comes to your wedding planning you have many things to think about but you also have to consider your bridesmaids who will all have different hair lengths. So you also have to consider bridesmaids hairstyles trends 2011 so that they don’t look old fashioned unless that is the look you are going for with your entire wedding theme. If that is the case, then you probably don’t want them all wear the same hair style. But you do want them to all have a similar appearance so you could have them wear matching sparkly hair clips or small floral headpieces on or entwined in their hair.

With bridesmaids hairstyles trends 2011 you don’t want them to have to be worrying whether their hair is going to fall down or that pins will come out of it just as you don’t want to worry about your own hairstyle falling apart. So try to keep their hair style simple. If they are wearing it up, make sure the bridesmaids hairstyles trends 2011 follow the sleek looks of the year or the frothy styles that are also part of the bridesmaids hairstyles trends 2011. Romantic works for bridesmaids too so try these styles for a romantic looking wedding party.


Donald Trump knows a few things about making money. The first step: You need a job. But a job is something more than 17 million of America’s workers don’t have.

In a recent CNN interview, Trump says one big way this country can create jobs is by heavily taxing China’s exports, which would result in the creation of much-needed manufacturing jobs here at home.
When it comes to manufacturing, China is making all these products. They could be made in North Carolina, they could be made in Alabama, they could be made in lots of our places and right now they’re not.

Personally, I’d tax China because it’s not a free trade country. I would tax China very, very heavily…it would create jobs in this country.
The truth is, if we tax China, fairly substantially…you would have so much money in this country, you wouldn’t have the trade deficits…you have trading deficits that are enormous in the United States….What will happen now, is other areas of the country will start manufacturing products, and that’s what this country needs.
Some 2.4 million U.S. jobs were lost or displaced between 2001 and 2008 because of the U.S. trade deficit with China, according to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). And high-tech jobs are being outsourced faster than those in any other sector. The Alliance for American Manufacturing has a great chart breaking down this job loss state by state. The map highlights how every state is affected by the U.S. trade deficit with China, like Georgia, which lost 78,000 jobs, nearly 2 percent of its employment.
This country needs 11 million new jobs to get to the level of employment we had before the recession. And there’s no good reason why corporations aren’t creating them. Trump took on the false notion that U.S. tax laws discourage companies from locating here.
I think we’re the most [business] friendly country. This country is so friendly. The biggest problem we have is with China is they’re sucking money out of this country, and the horrible part is that they then loan it back to us. I know lots of folks in China. They think we are the dumbest son of [a blanks] in the world. They think our representatives don’t know what they’re doing. They laugh at us behind our back.
Maybe some of those lawmakers need to remember Trump’s signature phrase: “You’re fired.”

Scene Hairstyles for Girls

Scene hairstyles for girls are considered to be very choppy cuts whether that is a long cut or a short cut or even a very short cut it is still a choppy look. Scene hairstyles for girls will be a very straight haircut but chopped up and the long bangs will cover one or both eyes and the bangs are often brushed down over the forehead. The hair will most likely be black or dyed black and it often has a large dyed chuck of hair color like blonde or other light colors spaced within the hairstyle.

Scene hairstyles for girls also may be covered with little cute clips or bows or other varieties of hair attachments but these are not attached to the hair for anything other than decorative purposes. In the same manner scene hairstyles for girls also have a bandanna attached or wound around the head that again has no purpose except for decoration. These hairstyles are cute and rather easy looking but they do require some volume so they require some time to get that perfect scene look. A girl into sports may want a more simplified form of scene hairstyle which is a workable option. So any teen girl can wear this style.

Four Hot New Hairstyles For Women 2011


Looking for a new ‘do? These trendy new hairstyles for women are so hot this spring and summer you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.
Four Hot New Hairstyles For Women 2011
Short and Choppy Hairstyles

Forget the cute and clean short cuts of the past. This season’s short haircuts for women are choppy and full of texture. Kimberly Stewart shows off a perfect example of this type of new hairstyle for women that showcase loads of ragged layers via razor cut layers and styling pomade.
Four Hot New Hairstyles For Women 2011
Asymmetrical Trendy Hairstyles

The days of perfectly balanced hairstyles are so over. New hairstyles for women are now playing up on asymmetry to define their lines. Think asymmetrical bobs with one side shorter than the other. If this is too dramatic a look for you simply create the unbalancing act by giving your hair a side part, styling one side of your bob full and slicking the other side behind your ear.
Four Hot New Hairstyles For Women 2011
Four Hot New Hairstyles For Women 2011The comb over has long been a hairstyle coveted by balding men and snickered at by the rest of us. Well now the comb over has found a new and trendy lease on life thanks to women with cropped haircuts. Take your short, pixie-like cut and create a super-deep side part. Slick the hair over to one side by using a texturizing gel or styling wax.
Medium is the New Long
While some women are still hanging on to their long hair many of the new hairstyles for women are chopping off excess length in exchange for a mid-length hairstyle. This trend is gaining in popularity because so many women are finding mid-length hairstyles give them more volume, movement and styling options. If you’re scissor shy try cutting your long hair to shoulder length and adding layers. You’ll still have the option of ponytail days but you’ll love how much quicker this length of hair is to style.
Casual Updos
Forget fussy, glued in place evening or prom hairstyles. Today’s updos are softer and less complicated than ones of the past. New trendy hairstyles for women that are popping up everywhere are the low lying bun, called the chignon, and the half updo. Both can be done yourself-saving you expensive trips to the salon-and look glamorous without being stiff. You’ll want to invest in some handy styling tools such as Velcro rollers or hot rollers to create some of today’s softer updos but the small investment is worth it and saves you big money in the long run.
As you can see there are lots of hot new hairstyles for women to choose from this season. Whether you’re a short hair lover or covet your long tresses these trendy new hairstyles will have you looking oh-so-hot.

Esilos cortos para mujeres

estilo cortoEsta temporada, la nueva tendencia de mujer es el cabello corto. Es un clásico desde hace años o desde hace décadas, pero siempre se renueva.

Aquí te damos algunos trucos para renovar dos grandes clásicos: el “flip” y el “pixie cut” (estilo duende). ¡Sigue estos consejos y lucirás un estilo que no tendrá nada que ver con el que llevaban tu madre y tu abuela!

Uno de los cortes femeninos más clásicos de los años 50 y 60, el flip, está de vuelta. Las mujeres con cabello fino y liso lo llevarán más corto, con mechas de distinto largo que crearán un efecto de volumen.
El “flip” es uno de los cortes femeninos más populares, ya que puede moldearse de distintas maneras para crear diferentes looks. Para un estilo suave y sexy, usa un gel o spray antes de pasarte el secador, hasta que tu pelo esté seco en un 70-80%. A continuación, pásate el secador y, a la vez, un cepillo redondo pequeño en las puntas, para crear el famoso efecto “flip”.

Este estilo puede quedar más interesante si le damos un toque creativo, con la ayuda de accesorios. Para el flip, puedes sujetar las mechas superiores con algunas horquillas bonitas, broches o peinetas en alguno de los dos lados de la cabeza. Así podrás lograr un contraste divertido entre una parte frontal elegante y una trasera más graciosa y alborotada. En cuanto a los lados, trata de aportar textura y volumen con un look punk o rock posmoderno. Usa productos para dar volumen, sujeta los mechones con peinetas y sécate con un secador con difusor para obtener una apariencia muy texturada o toma algunas pequeñas mechas y redondéalas hacia el interior hasta que se sequen.

El “pixie cut” es otro corte renovado. Fue adoptado por todas las mujeres del mundo cuando lo popularizó la actriz “Twiggy” en los años 1960. Este año se han visto nuevas versiones más atrevidas en muchas celebridades que desfilaron por las alfombras rojas.

Para renovar este peinado femenino, los cabellos deben ser más largos en la parte de arriba, con algunos mechones más finos y otras variables. Puedes secarlo fácilmente simplemente usando tus propias manos y un secador, y eventualmente una plancha en las puntas para separar las zonas del corte.

Los estilos femeninos cortos son fáciles de mantener y les permiten a las mujeres de todas las edades dar el aspecto de un estilo moderno y jovial. Prueba uno de estos estilos, el “flip” o el “pixie cut”, pues ¡te darán un nuevo look fácil de mantener y muy actual!

Emo Hairstyles for Girls for Long Hair

Emo hairstyles for girls for long hair are that hairstyle that is black and more black. Emo hairstyles for girls for long hair depends on having black hair and if that black hair is not naturally jet black then it has to be dyed jet black. When you dye hair black it does take some time to keep it up just as any dark hair color does. Emo hairstyles for girls for long hair do not have light roots so the black has to be maintained. If the emo style is long then it will be straight with spiky lengths to it. This may require that you also have your hair straightened to stay in the emo style.

Emo hairstyles for girls for long hair belong in the hardcore punk rock timeframe. Although jet black is the color of choice the hair may also have some very bright color highlights or long spikes of hair dyed so it stands out from the jet black. It may also be mostly long in length with some side shaves or designs making it more emo and punk too. These are closely related hairstyles but punk doesn’t have the jet black requirement for color. Both of the hairstyles embrace the spike look.


Revved Up Red: From pop culture—think Mad Men, Florence and the Machine, and Rihanna—to the runway, warm red locks are here to stay.


Badgley Mischka Spring 2011 image courtesy of Moroccanoil.

The Tips: Ursula Stephens, Motions Celebrity Stylist and the superstar responsible for Rihanna's daring hair choices says, "When adding red through highlights, you want to focus on adding the undertone of that shade to create the highlight, which helps you choose the right color match and, ultimately, bring dimension to your overall look. For example, if your hair is a dark plum or cherry, the undertone is a pinky/red (which is what you'll want to draw out). If you are going for an overall color change, you should definitely sit down with a professional first. Together, pick a color that goes with your skin tone. Darker skin and darker hair can get away more with a plum/orange base. Lighter color skin-tones can try brighter reds and be more risky like Rihanna's new look. Fire-engine reds also tend to go better will fairer skin tones."

"And for at-home coloring, the key is to look closely on the back of the box and find which natural color hair is recommended for that color. Just because there's a fire-engine redhead on the box, doesn't mean you will end up with that color. If your hair is a natural light brown, it will more likely be closer to the picture and darker hair will likely have to go brighter. The ultimate outcome definitely depends on your natural hair-color and undertones."



The Tips: "The palette for brunettes and black hair has been changing," says Eva Scrivo of colorist and owner of Eva Scrivo Salon. "We were focused on caramels and honeys, but now it's pale, milk chocolate shades, peanut buttery taupes, and violet-based brunettes. The cooler brunettes for spring means a lot of single-toned, solid darker shades that are healthy and full of shine. In terms of ombre and balayage highlights, the look is richer at the roots with a lot of shine, so you get more of a natural, grown-out look instead of the obviously delineated line of color."


Though we're still in the thick of winter, we can't help but be entranced by warm weather's siren song and the imminent arrival of new spring hair color trends. In theory, there are a ton of shades to choose from, but in practice, this really means variations on blonde, red, black, and brunette. (And realistically, you have to take into account your skin tone before making a dramatic color change.) In terms of trends, ombre and balayage were two of last year's hair color bywords, and they're back for 2011, but with a fresh, toned-down take. And don't forget that your hair texture plays a role in hair color, too. According to colorist Eva Scrivo, if you have very textured or curly hair, highlights become more noticeable and can look stripy, so think strategically about where to place your highlights—subtly around the face is best. If you want to change your hue, lift your hair color one or two shades for an overall sense of vibrance. Whether you're going back to basics or flipping the switch on your natural shade, here's how to revamp your locks by adding blonde, brunette, or red in a fresh way. Lighten Up: Want to go blonde for spring? Say goodbye to platinum locks and hello to luxurious gold.


The Tips: "Blondes are getting warmer overall, while still staying within lustrous metallic tones from 24k gold to rose gold—any kind of goldeny tone," says Aura Friedman, Wella Professionals Color Ambassador. "We'll still have the ombré look but it won't be quite as extreme. We'll be warming up the roots a little more."

To maintain your color, Friedman recommends using cool water to rinse your hair at the end of your shower: "It closes your cuticle and gives your hair shine and locks in the tone. You should not use hot water at all. You can also extend color by scheduling a Wella Color Touch Relights gloss treatment in between appointments, which refreshes color and boosts shine in just five minutes."

Hair Highlight Techniques and Care Tips


There are three ways for hair highlight: Foiling, done only in salons, involves applying bleach to many fine strands of hair and individually wrapping them in foil. This process is the easiest to control and can be done closest to the roots; it usually will get you the best results.
Hair painting, which can be done at home or by a colorist, is simply applying bleach randomly to the hair with a small brush.

The third -- and oldest -- method doesn't produce very good results and is out of favor at salons, though it's still available in home kits. You place a plastic cap with small holes on your head, pull strands of hair through the holes with a small hook and then bleach them.
There are benefits to having these processes done by a professional: A colorist can give you a few different levels of highlights for a more subtle look. (Sometimes they'll use a toner after highlighting to get just the right shade.) And of course, a pro can see the top and back of your head better than you can.
Color treated hair has special needs and good care is essential for any hair type. Follow these professional suggestions to keep your hair looking Fantastic!
  • Wet your hair with bottled spring water before getting in a chlorine pool, It will dilute the harsh chemicals
  • Be careful in the sun. please use hats, scarves or products with sunscreens to help protect against color fade and the drying effects of the sun.
    Great for the beach, leave-in conditioners generally contain sunscreens to protect against color fade.
  • Shampoo gently with a shampoo specially created for color-treated hair. Rough shampooing can strip color or dry out hair. Condition regularly with an intensive conditioner to restore vital moisture and luster to color treated hair.
  • Use color enhancing conditioners as color grows out to help blend root areas.
  • Do not wrap in a towel turban when you get out of the shower with wet hair. The added friction can knot and damage vulnerable wet hair. Instead, carefully blot hair dry.
  • Don't brush hair when wet. Comb with a wide-tooth comb, working tangles out as you move from the ends toward the scalp.
  • Don't overdry. When you blow dry, dry the hair until it is almost, but not completely, dry. Leave some moisture in to prevent static.
  • Use care when styling. When using styling appliances, use thermal protectant for maximum protection. Avoid aggressive manipulation of the hair.
  • Use hairspray or spritz with moisturizers and sunscreens to finish the hair. These products will provide continual protection throughout the day.
  • Don't spray lightening agents or put lemon juice in your hair.
  • Support your style with a perm. Just because you have color treated hair doesn't mean you can't have a perm. In fact, a perm specially formulated for color treated hair can add wonderful body, fullness and texture to complement your color.
  • Always your best source, your  stylist can answer any other questions you might have and recommend professional products ideal for color-treated

Hairstyles With Bangs 2011

The New Year can be a great time to bring about new change. This can really come into play when considering a great hairstyle. One of the best things about changing up the hairstyle, either with color, or with length and layers, is that it will always grow back. It's great to get creative, and daring, maybe this year it will be a hairstyle with bangs for 2011.

The years it's taken to grow bangs out may need to be forgotten and the plunge taken to get a new look. It's not a bad idea to consider going with a hairstyle with bangs for 2011. This is perfect for framing a person's eyes and making a face seem more open and friendly. They can be a bit uneven, adding a unique and modern line. Or get a hairstyle with bangs that are swept to one side. This is another lovely way to add a defining look to a style.

One thing to really consider when going form hair that is long, and one length without bangs, to the look that has bangs, do not do it at home. Get a great stylist and make sure to go in with some ideas of what look is hoping to be achieved. Discuss how best to maintain it at home. Make sure to get the same techniques and products that they use so it will be even easier when getting the look before heading out to work or the next social event.

Emo Hairstyles for Boys

Emo hairstyles for boys are those jet black hairstyles that border on the punk style of the 80s. They will be short and spiked with lots of gel. If the natural hair color is not jet black emo hairstyles for boys will be dyed jet black perhaps with a large patch of color like bright blue or very white white. The emo hairstyles for boys hair is spiked in its cut not necessarily in its height. The jagged cut spiked hair lengths are brushed toward the front of the face often covering the eyes one or both of them.

Emo hairstyles for boys are kept very shiny and clean looking. Because of the high maintenance of dyed jet black hair this is not a hairstyle that a boy who is active in sports will generally wear because it takes too much maintenance. Before a boy decides to go with the emo style show him some of the many pictures that are available on the internet. It is actually a very attractive hairstyle for boys but is not maintenance free at all. One thing about the emo style is it can always be cut shorter and styled in another shape. But emo is silky and rich looking.


Scarlett Johansson BobScarlett Johansson revealed a shorter bob haircut at the Mango Fashion Awards. Photo: Robert Marquardt, Getty Images
Scarlett in Barcelona, Spain with her choppy new bob haircut.

When we last checked in with her over the summer, Johansson was sporting a tousled shoulder-length bob. But now the 25-year-old star has taken that 'do one step shorter.

Chin-length and cropped in the back (slightly reminiscent of the "Pob"), the "Iron Man 2" actress revealed her new look when she stepped up to present famed designer, Jean Paul Gaultier, with an honorary Mango button during the ceremony. Layered and parted down the middle, Johansson styled her signature blonde locks in a loose, carefree fashion, giving her a fresh new look for fall.

Over the years, we have seen this young Hollywood beauty transform from blonde to auburn colored tresses and curly to straight, and in our book, she always looks gorgeous. She also joins the ranks of other stars snipping off their strands this season including Nicole Richie, Keira Knightley and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.


long hair trend

Double hair knot

There's been a fixation of late for hair trends for long hair to have an effortless appeal to them: the double hair knot 2011 hair trend builds on that appeal. As simple as it sounds, this is a hair trend that can be worn in 2011's autumn (fall) / winter seasons along with the year's spring / summer seasons. Click the previous link to find out more, along with 'how to style it' tips and product recommendations.
top knot hair 2011

Braided topknot

With 2011's hair trends dominated by hairstyles as opposed to particular cuts, it's should come as no surprise to see that braids remain on trend. In 2011, however, the begin to fuse with other popular hairstyles, in this case the topknot. Click to find out more about the braided topknot including a detailed how-to guide, and a look at the catwalks that inspired it.

Findings For Finasteride, Propecia, Proscar and Hair Replacement Surgery For Baldness

 Yul Brynner as The King of Siam

A report released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) found that 13,000 American men had hair replacement surgery in 2010, up by 2 percent from the previous year.

What accounts for the increase? In the past dealing with baldness often involved taking Finasteride, the prescription pill sold under brand names Propecia and Prosecar. Although The National Institute of Health reports it acts primarily by slowing hair loss rather than creating new growth, it used to be a popular option in place of surgery.

Unfortunately Finasteride has become controversial due to a recent study which found that a small number of men (71) reported sexual side effects after taking the drug. 92 percent of the men reporting side effects listed erectile dysfunction and loss of sex drive. The LA Times pointed to a previous study by the Finasteride manufacturer, Merck, which found only 8 percent of those taking the drug reported sexual side effects.

CBS News added alarm to the new findings of sexual side effects by reporting that the effects could last up to three (3) years after discontinuation of the pills.

Men discovering the information about the side effects of Finasteride decided they would rather risk hair replacement surgery than potential sexual side effects of the pills. Hair replacement surgery involves moving a skin graft from a part of the scalp with lots of hair to one that is thinning. This surgery is now the fifth most common cosmetic plastic surgical procedure in men.

Ironically, hair replacement surgery can have much more severe side effects than the sexual side effects of Finasteride.

The sexual side effects are a critical element of several class action lawsuits that have been filed both in the U.S. and Canada on behalf of male patients alleging they weren't adequately warned about the possible side effects of finasteride, both sexual and in terms of mental health. The American Bar Association Journal reports that Merck plans to vigorously defend the lawsuit.

Esquire Magazine reports that last month, researchers working at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine found that balding might be related to an issue with stem-cells. Researchers found that patches of bald scalp had the same number of stem cells as patches that had more hair. This information offers hope

Styles for 2011....SUMMER HAIR

Rich color and retro 80's cuts are
the hot hair news for Summer 2011 ....

2011 hair trends
Be a tease this summer with big
80's hair and highlights. Side
ponytails and hair bows are
also making a comeback...
The pony tail and bob continue to be hot looks, with last year's precision cuts giving way to bold 80's style pixie cuts and spikey fringes coming to the forefront this year as the summer of 2011 heats up ...


Bold and assymetrical are the watchwords for 2011, with traditional bright and vibrant highlights of the past, including strawberry and even platinum blond hues predicted to be the hot new look this summer.

With the addtion of dramatic chunks of pastel color, this year the spotlight is definitely on fun and creativity!


Styles, lengths and cuts were once again all over the place at the Spring-Summer 2011 fashion events, including buns, rolls and bobs, ponytails, and even big hair and teased side ponytails tied up in hair bows, a la the 1980's Madonna look.

In general, styles are becoming more free and casual compared to super neat precision cuts of the past several years.

Back again this summer, the classic bob features strong graphic outlines incorporating. curves and sharp lines. Go for asymmetry - try one side longer or raise the back and lower the front. Mix lengths gradually, add volume with layers or stick to one length cuts. This is a cut that you can tailor to your face and lifestyle -- a look for the individual. Soften it with wisps or a bit of back combing.

Still very hot for summer 2011, fringe cuts were tops on many of the runway's top models. Fringe can add elegance or make a bold statement. Look for variations with fringe cuts to bring out your personality and facial structure. Soft and wispy fringes, casual choppy edges and strong bold lines will all be hot. You'll find fringe cuts that go full length, others flowing mid length or brought forward into the eye. It's all about having fun, being sexy and being yourself

The cut that complements all the others in high fashion circles this season is lengths of layers with casual textures. The natural look is easy to create with layers of unstyled, free moving hair. Not a lot of curl but plenty of slightly tousled waves added to the volume and texture make this a fun way to style your hair.

For summer 2011 the focus continues to be on natural looking


During the summer, it can be somewhat tedious to always blow dry your hair and style it either straight, curly, or give it some volume. That’s why wavy hair is the perfect solution for hot summer days. Wavy hair is usually the most common type of hair without any styling, therefore if it’s already there, it makes it that much easier!
Granted that you have naturally straight or wavy hair, getting natural waves is a breeze. If you have big, curly hair, you might want to straighten your hair before beginning the process. Once your hair is straight, start making loose waves using a curling iron.
Luckily for those with straight hair, the process doesn’t have to involve any curling irons. All you have to do is wash your hair, brush it out, and apply a curl enhancing mousse. Once you’ve done that, pile your hair up in a bun.
Let your hair air dry like this (some people leave it like that over night). Take the elastic out, and let the bun loose. Your hair should have beautifully natural waves, as long as you don’t put too much mousse in your hair. A dime-sized amount should be enough!


2. Dry shampoo - 5 hot new hair productsPopular in the ’70s, dry shampoo is back. Also known as hair powder, dry shampoos let you freshen up your hair without having to hit the shower. They help absorb oil and can add volume to fine hair. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush is formulated with rice starch. ($9, 150 mL)


Not enough room in sanctuaries for chimps from research labs


CLE ELUM, Wash. - Deep in the bucolic landscape of Eastern Washington, hidden among the rolling hills and family farms lies a legacy of suffering rarely seen by human eyes. Seven chimpanzees rescued from government warehouses live out their golden years in peace and happiness at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, a retirement home for chimps who have spend their lives as research labs.
"This life now is remarkably better than what it was before for them," said Diana Goodrich, Chimp Sanctuary NW.
The chimps arrived here two years ago, some after spending years in 24-hour isolation, awaiting their next round of medical experimentation.
"That's really the same as putting a human in solitary confinement," said Goodrich.
They were sickly and scared, and some even showed signs of post traumatic stress disorder.
"It was like they were just shell shocked," said Goodrich.
Now the chimps are thriving, each becoming more independent and playful every day. Jamie likes to wear cowboy boots, Foxy's favorite toy is her troll doll. And Jody, captured in the wild as a baby, is finally learning how to make a nest, something she never had the chance to learn from her mother:
"It's still kind of hard for me to believe they came out on the other side as well as they did," said Goodrich.
But there are hundreds additional chimps just like these who remain locked up in 5-by-7-foot cages - warehoused like unwanted property - simply waiting to die.
"A life sentence is a good way to describe it, and they've never done anything wrong to deserve it," said Goorich.
Now, a proposal before Congress called the Great Ape Protection Act would outlaw biomedical experiments on chimps and release the 600 of them owned by the government to sanctuaries.
But as it stands right now, there isn't nearly enough room to care for all those chimps at the handful of sanctuaries across the country.
Even if the bill becomes law, without funding for more facilities, many of the chimps currently under federal lock-up may never escape their cages, never feeling the compassion of humankind as opposed to the cruelty.
"It's a prison sentence that they don't deserve," said Goodrich.
"We know how intelligent they are. We know that they suffer," said Goodrich. "So day in and day out it's just a terrible life to think about for them."
The Great Ape Protection Act is still in committee on Capitol Hill. Supporters want congress to use the $25 million a year spent housing the chimps in government warehouses to build or expand sanctuaries across the country.
More information
Release and Restitution for Chimpanzees in U.S. Laboratories
Humane Society of the United States
Jane Goodall Institute
Sign a petition to help pass the Great Ape Protection Act

Selena Gomez Hairstyles

There are lots of people who have a round face shape just like the face shape of Selena Gomez. With this face shape you should try to add some length to the hairstyle such as the Selena Gomez hairstyles. You can let the hair go past the chin and around the neck to make it appear the face is longer as the attention is drawn to the length of the hair which is also what Selena Gomez hairstyles accomplish.

She still has those dark, long, fringed bangs to go with her darker skin tones and her dark natural looking eyebrows and dark eyes that match the hair style and her natural looking for her skin tone make up. The Selena Gomez hairstyles stay just below shoulder length and may be loose with long curls. Selena Gomez hairstyles accent her youth in a casual manner that also looks sophisticated when she is wearing it that way.

The Selena Gomez hairstyles turn a bit more sensual because with her gorgeous dark hair and natural looking dark eyebrows she can look wild and sultry at the same time. And she has added straight and sometimes angled to her hair repertoire that frames her face beautifully and is her look.

Emo Girl Hairstyles for Short Hair

Emo girl hairstyles for short hair is a hairstyle within the emo subculture which is attuned to hardcore punk following the 1980s DC band sound which is raw yet somehow refined at the same time. Emo girl hairstyles for short hair will be generally black as black is the color of choice for emo girl hairstyles for short hair along with black nail polish and toe nail polish. Along with black whether very short of even shorter it may also be spiked. If the emo girl doesn’t have black hair she will dye it a jet black to keep this style.

When you are looking at your teenagers who want emo girl hairstyles for short hair remember that hair is one thing that always grows and so does hair color. This is a modern fashion statement for girls who want to be different yet look like other emo girls. With emo hairstyles you do need to keep the hair clean so it stays healthy with all of the hair dye on it. There are shampoos made that cater to black dyed hair. Also emo hairstyles may include some blocks of color within the many spikes which adds a very trendy edge to the emo girls hairstyle creation.

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