To get Signature Blowout

, follow these steps:

  1. Spray hair liberally with Coiff Thermal/UV Protectant, combing through with a wide-toothed comb.
  2. Apply a nickel-sized amount of Ironless Straightening Balm evenly through hair.
  3. Flip your head over, drying hair upside down until it is approximately 70% dry.
  4. Use a large round brush to dry hair section by section. Always work with the dryer pointed down the hair’s length. Going against growth disrupts the hair cuticle, creating frizz.
  5. When hair is completely dry, rub a small amount of Coiff Ultra-Light Finishing Crème between your palms and “rake” the product through your hair with your hands, focusing on the ends

To get Silky Straight

, follow these steps:

  1. Blot excess water from the hair and apply FEKKAI Silky Straight Ironless Straightening Balm to the hair and comb through to distribute evenly. This step protects the hair from heat damage and creates a silky smooth surface.
  2. With a large round brush, blow dry individual sections, with tension on the brush to achieve sleek, smooth pieces.
  3. When hair is completely dry, apply a small amount of Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Serum. Using your hands like a flat iron, press the product onto the hair to wrap each strand and keep the hair sleek and chic.
  4. Voila! You have just created the perfect blow dry with Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless products.


This red hair color on Emma Stone is so beloved, hairstylists in Hollywood report to Allure Magazine that women are bringing in this picture so they can have this exact gorgeous shade of red.
But can everyone go red? Almost everyone can become a redhead, what's most important is finding the right shade of red. If you want to be a redhead, I suggest not trying it on your own. Get a professional consultation. You won't believe the number of emails I get from women writing in unhappy when they tried to go "ginger." . To make sure you're getting the red hair color you want, "Always have two pictures on hand. One that you love and one that you hate," suggests Amy Huson, a colorist at the Marie Robinson salon, in Allure Magazine. "This way the colorist is sure to see—not just hear—what you want. You may see colors and shades totally different, and sometimes words just don't cut it. You can both discuss the right color, and be on the same page."


Feliz día ARGENTINOS!!


Support Our Troops on Memorial Day

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Our troops put their lives on the line every single day in order to protect our nation. This Memorial Day, honor the strength and courage of our military and show that America cares about their sacrifices by making a tax-deductible donation to the USO.
Your donation will help bring a touch of home to American troops deployed around the world by providing them with care packages, phone cards, and other important services that lift the spirits of our troops and ease the burden on their families.
Celebrate Memorial Day by helping to support our troops, lift their spirits, and honor their service. Ple

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Obama's birth certificate ?????/

I am not a birther, yet you have to ponder these little tidbits....hmmmm
 Obama's long form birth certificate shows that his father was from "Kenya East Africa", even though the country "Kenya" did not exist until 2 years after the certificate was supposed to have been issued. The name of the hospital on the birth certificate is also a name that was used until 1978. Finally, Obama's race is shown as "African American", although the proper word used at that time would have been "Negro".


The latest hair trends are all about feminine and versatile hairstyles, that you can wear one way, then re-style another. Whether you fancy long, medium or extra short hairstyles, read on for tips on how to rock the 2011's best hair trends.
Emma WatsonPhoto: © Indigo/Getty Images
For short hairstyles, "à la garçonne" crops are leading the trends--think Mia Farrow's short cut in Rosemary's Baby. The super-short cap cuts silhouette the head, putting facial features into the spotlight. A haircut this short will suit small, symmetrical features as the face will become the main focus.
Short haircuts can be also suited to diminish features you don't like or enhance ones you do. Debating whether to chop off your precious locks can be daunting and to ease the transition find hairstyle pictures you like and discuss with your stylist if they can work with you, your hair type and face shape.
For a truly versatile short hairstyle, ask for longer layers on top or get layered, wispy bangs that you can direct forward, slick back or poof up for styling variety. A short haircut with longer top layers can be adapted to suit all face shapes and hair textures. You can wear it sleek or tousled, ruffled up with texturizer for daytime, tucked back or spiked up for a chic nighttime look.

Anne HathawayPhoto: © Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Medium hairstyles are one of the most versatile styles around, that's why they are here to stay.
Mid-length hairstyles give you the best of both worlds: the versatility and youthful vibe of short hairstyles and the sexy, feminine length of long locks. Wear it sleek, tousled, curly or choppy; medium hairstyles will be a strong trend for 2011.
Medium length hairstyles can work well with the bouncy blown-out style. Layers are shorter, which means it's easier to style them and will hold the bouncy volume well. Blow-out locks with a brush for a smooth and shiny finish and a little lift at the roots.
For women over 30, medium hairstyles are highly recommended, as over a certain age, long hairstyles can drag down the face and make you look dated. Medium hairstyles are easier to style and will give you lots of volume on top that will draw the eye upward enough to take years off your look.

Jennifer LopezPhoto: © John Shearer/WireImage
Long, lengthy locks can look flat and lifeless of styled or cut wrong. Make sure you get a few long layers chipped in to encourage lift at the crown and back.
This will also ease your hair styling routine and will fuse your hair with body and lots of movement.
Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner if your hair tends to fall flat, and backcomb roots at the crown for extra volume after blow-drying.
Gabrielle Union
Photo: © Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
The 70s are making a comeback for 2011: full, bouncy, glossy, long hairstyles with lots of body that give off a youthful vibe.
The key look is slightly bigger hair with lift at the roots and brushed-out twists all the way through.



The short hairstyles fever is maintaining for the new season and  I am not surprised. Short hairstyles look amazingly stylish and can offer high benefits for women with different hair textures and face shapes. Choosing right from this variety of short hairstyles developed until now is not easy, this is why I have selected some of the hottest short hairstyles in 2011 as looking trendy has its share of benefits.

Choosing a new and trendy hairstyle can help you to receive a fresh look at all times, so you can always attract attention through your style. The newest hairstyle trends set by hair stylists suit the current fashion trends, so you will benefit from a complete, well balanced look from head to toe.
The perfect hairstyle is the hairstyle which not only suits the face shape, but also the hair type, personality and facial features as well. Go for a stylish short crop cut to suit your personality and style and if you wish to look amazing, inspire yourself from the following uber-stylish hot short hairstyles for 2011.

Hair by Hair Machine

Hair by Sean Hanna

One of the haircuts which looks fabulous and which attracts a great amount of attention is the pixie short haircut and in 2011 pixie short hair is still hot. Emma Watson has proved that this crop is still hot, but keep in mind that not everyone can pull off such a short hairstyle. The pixie cut works best for women with an oval face shape and very feminine well proportioned facial features.
If you think this haircut is for you, prepare to be mesmerized by a fabulous, yet very low maintenance look.

Hair by Francesco Group

Hair by Christel Lundqvist

Hair by NHF Inspire

Hair by Hooker&Young

A short crop which features a longer cut on top such as Frankie Sandford's hairstyle from The Saturdays can be a perfect option for a short hairstyle in 2011. This crop features a high amount of versatility, so you will not only look amazing, but you will be able to change your appearance to pleasantly surprise every time. Style it straight, wavy, messy as well as up and you will look fabulous. Keep in mind that the right cut which features longer hair on top of the head is a must if you wish to benefit from a versatile short hairstyle.

Hair by HOB Salon

Hair by Sanrizz

Hair by Mark Leeson

Hair by Dopo Creative

Undercut hairstyles are still hot and can offer your look a bit of an edge. Going shorter on the sides of the head or on one side of the head is a new hot trend brought back by singer Cassie and since then the look has been reinvented to suit short crops and looks amazing. The hair receives some versatility and so you will be able to experiment with different looks without having to spend too much time in front of the mirror.
The undercut is not for everyone, so if you are not prepared for a hairstyle which has a bit of modernism attached, avoid this cut and go simpler.

Hair by Beverly C

Hair by Rae Palmer

Add bangs to your short crop and make sure to give them a little bit of an edge by cutting them baby short, asymmetrical, choppy or sleek side swept. Bangs and short tresses collaborate perfectly, so boost the sexiness of your short crop by turning towards bangs as well. Maintain the hair in good condition and thus your hair will receive that shine that is highly necessary for any crop to look amazing!

trendy short hair cuts

Short trendy hairstyles are again invading the fashion trend and many celebrities have rediscovered how appealing these hairstyles can be. Women of all age group are inclined towards these hairstyles because they are easily manageable and give a younger look. Short haircuts accentuate the bone structure and hides wrinkles, so older women prefer such haircuts.

Layered Hairstyles In 2011

If a person has been thinking about getting a new look for the year, perhaps they should look no further than getting a layered hairstyle in 2011. There are many ways to go about doing this, but it's most important to have some fun while in the process. A great hairstyle is a wonderful way to gain an emotional lift.

Initially it's important to find a fantastic stylist, especially if a person doesn't already have a professional they are working with. Cutting ones hair at home isn't recommended. Getting a professional can insure the experience is both enjoyable, and done well. A layered hairstyle in 2011 can add a lot of body and texture to a person's look when done correctly. Feature defining locks are a wonderful way to set off cheek bones, eyes and the mouth.

Gather some photos and ideas of what it is that's being looked for and then head out to a great hairstylist. Discuss which of these looks may work best with the individual hairstyle, and what is hoping to be achieved. Then be a little daring. This is something that can change and doesn't have to be permanent which adds a lot of freedom. Perhaps adding some defining color along with the layers is the hairstyle you're looking for. Go ahead and have some fun with it. Remember it's a great way to add thickness, and make it easy to style the hair in many different ways. Most of all enjoy the day at the spa.

Look Hot This Season By Pumping Up Your Pony Tail

Not that you don’t already know, but I’m sure we can all use a little extra help when it comes to looking sassy this holiday season. I found a great article on DailyMakeover that dissected 20 different ways!

From rocking the right accessories to how to wear a berry lip, they covered all of the sexiest looks of the season. My fave: Pump Up Your Pony Tail AnnaLynne McCord style. Here’s how to get the look: Blow-dry hair, then twirl large Velcro rollers around two-inch sections of hair, blast with heat for five minutes, then remove and lightly brush hair. Tease roots and pull back into a haute ponytail.

cortes de pelo femenino

Los recortes femeninos prometen levedad y frescura. Nuevas texturas, modelos y asimetrías para los nuevos cortes. Las tendencias para el verano 2010 parecen muy diversas, respetando cada tipo físico de mujeres que aman osar en el visual.

El Corto:

Cabello corto verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Cabello corto verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação

¡El pelo corto sigue en la próxima temporada! El corte andrógeno proporciona la conveniencia para los días más calurosos del año. Los recortes pueden ser estructurados, con largos flecos y cuello al aire. El corte está indicado para las mujeres de caras triangulares, ovaladas o rectangulares.

Corte "Juan" 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Corte andrógeno 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Corte andrógeno 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação

El nuevo chanel:

El chanel del verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
El chanel del verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação

El corte chanel es responsable por la levevdads y la modernidad de las mujeres que asumen su lado Hi-Low, junto del chic. Refiriéndose a los años 90, el Chanel pide modelos asimétricos y pelos deshilados. Un lado más grande que el otro y la nuca más corta es la apuesta de las mujeres más modernas.

Recordando los "años perdidos", las formas geométricas y el flequillo lateral deshilachado. Es el corte perfecto para las mujeres más maduras y sofisticadas. El corte está indicado para las mujeres de cara cuadrada o rectangular.

Chanel desestructurado para el verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Chanel desestructurado para el verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Corte Chanel para cabellos rizos. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Corte Chanel para cabellos rizos. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação

El corte medio:

Cabello Medio para el verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Cabello Medio para el verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação

Las mujeres que no les gusta arriesgar con el look, apuestan en el corte más discreto estéticamente. Recordando los años 90, el corte llega a esta temporada con los modelos rectos, divididos de lado y con la textura lisa. El look minimalista es actual y fácil de conservar. Este corte es adecuado para todo tipo de rostro.

Cortes medios y lisos. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Cortes medios y lisos. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Cabello medio de famosas. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Cabello medio de famosas. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação

El corte romántico:

Cabello Romántico para 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Cabello Romántico para 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação

El largo aparece un poco por debajo de los hombros con una opción de flequillo y un corte en camadas, destacando ondulaciones naturales de los pelos. La textura ondulada es la apuesta del momento, en referencia a los años 40, con pelos voluminosos y glamourosos.

El ideal es utilizar el babyliss para acentuar más los rizos, pero dejando el aspecto natural más destacado. Es adecuado para todo tipo de rostro y para las mujeres vanidosas y muy femeninas.

Texturas onduladas para el verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Texturas onduladas para el verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Romanticismo para los cortes de cabello verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
Romanticismo para los cortes de cabello verano 2010. Foto: Divulgación Foto:Divulgação
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