Hollywood Is Hot for Redheads

Move over blond bombshells—red is where it's at! From ginger to copper and everything in between celebs are embracing their inner Lucille Ball and the hair trend is catching on like wild fire. Check out the stars who've gone red

short pixie cut

"Our 7 Favorite Summer Haircuts" \\ Ginnifer Goodwin's pixie haircut \\ Photo: Graham Whitby Boot-Allstar - Globe Photos
Edgy Pixie
GINNIFER GOODWIN’S STYLE: A closely shorn pixie that is longer and choppier on top and asymmetrically layered in front.
WHAT MAKES IT COOL: "Ginnifer has such a soft, feminine face that the funky cut actually balances her out," says her hairstylist Anh Co Tran. "It's edgy without feeling over-the-top."
WHO IT WORKS FOR: "I'm going to be honest —this cut is best for someone who has confidence," says Tran. Self-esteem aside, it is also a great option for something with straight to wavy hair-curly hair can look too puffy. And women with longer faces should opt for more volume on the sides to draw the eye outwards, not down. 

Tiered Layers and Swooping Fringe

RACHEL MCADAMS'S STYLE: Mid-length strands bluntly layered at three stages: Cheekbones, chin, and collarbone.
WHAT MAKES IT COOL: "Rachel's cut is so gorgeous because of the way the long bangs frame her face," explains her hairstylist Andy LeCompte. "She has strong cheekbones, and the layers help soften them up."
WHO IT WORKS FOR: "Rachel has a slight curl to her hair, so it's great to blow this look out with a slight bend," says LeCompte. However, if you'd rather skip heated styling tools in the morning, this could work for you too. "These layers are very forgiving and look great air-dried." 

Cameron Diaz’s Same Hairstyle Vs. Blake Lively’s Ever Changing Locks — Don’t Get Stuck In A Style Rut!

Getty Images (2)

Cameron consistently wears her slightly wavy hair down, shoulder length, but Blake changes up her style every single day!

If you’re stuck with the same hairstyle like Cameron Diaz, but want to be a shapeshifting hair magician like Blake Lively!

The secret to gorgeous hair, , is consistency!  Here’s how.
“Hair styles often need products to get the best results! Cameron Diaz, has fine hair that could use a little boost. The lovely Blake Lively has hair that every girl dreams about,” . “For you fine haired ladies like Cameron, think of your hair like a fine silk blouse. If you wore it every day, it would get tattered. You’ll need to go the extra mile to get the most out of your texture.”
“To get Blake’s look, get going on a regiment for fuller, longer more voluminous hair use Pureology’s Pure Volume Shampoo and conditioner. It gives a soft volume to the hair, but also has moisture to keep the hair supple and strong,” . “A once a week masque treatment for five minutes is key for the fine hair set as well. It’ll give you an extra boost of nutrients to keep your hair healthy and strong. Try Pureology’s Perfect 4 Platinum Reconstruct Repair to get a dose of vegan protein and keep those tiny ends from splitting. Try Pureology Colour Stylists Anti-Split Blow Dry cream before styling for extra protection.”
Do you treat your hair to a nice brush or are you tormenting it with plastic bristles?
“As for styling,”  “you’ll want to use a brush that has a natural soft bristle. My absolutely favorite brush is a  boar bristle . It gives great shine and it’s super gentle on delicate hair. Stick to this regiment on a daily/weekly basis and great results are inevitable.”

Get Jennifer Lopez Super Side Swept Bangs

Jennifer Lopez is always so daring with that mane of hers — what do you think of her extreme bangs?

By far the hottest American Idol judge to date, Jennifer Lopez stepped out in Paris on June 15th with this totally unique spin on the classic side swept bang! J.Lo has been known to make many traditional hairstyles her own by giving them her power woman attitude. This latest look is a much fiercer take on the girl next door side swept bang, and it is so J.Lo.

  • First, you want to blowdry the hair. Depending on texture you can either use the ISO Hair Styling Foam for straighter or fine hair or Bain de Terre All Day Straight with a finishing serum on towel dried hair.
  • As you dry you want to spray Pierre Michel Volumizing Spray on the roots for additional volume.
  • The blow dry needs to be smooth with movement and the bangs need to be swept away from the face.
  • After drying take big sections, wrapping them around the outside of a 1 inch curling iron for a more defined but not overdone wave.

how to get a layered cut

When layers are cut right, they give your style movement and versatility. Done badly, they can make your hair look wispy—or, worse, like you have two separate haircuts.
Be honest. Explain to your stylist exactly what your routine is each morning. Some layers look good only if the hair is straight, and if that takes more work than you're willing to do, your stylist needs to know that.
Start slowly. If clients are nervous, I introduce them to the concept by cutting just a few layers near the face. Remember: You can always add more, but once you get bad layers, you have to grow them out—or cut your hair shorter—to get rid of them.
Go long. Short layers rarely look good and make hair look thin at the ends, but long ones are great on almost everyone.
Blend in. You never want to see a distinct line of layers down the side of the face. Ask the stylist to avoid hard lines in the cut. If the layers look obvious once your hair is dry, ask him to soften the lines with thinning shears.

Summer Hair Color Survival Guide

Does your hair need a color reboot? We share the top new trends, DIY dye helpers, and hot-weather maintenance tips from the pros.

"Your Summer Hair Color Survival Guide" \\ Woman with black hair and blonde woman sitting back to back \\ Photo by Image Source
Women have been struggling with hair color for centuries: Gauls at the end of the Iron Age used limewater to bleach their locks a stark white (à la model Abbey Lee Kershaw); the ancient Greeks mixed potash water with yellow flowers to impart a golden sheen; and in early Rome, women masked grays with a mixture of ashes, boiled walnut shells, and earthworms. You'll find none of these remedies here!


SANDY BLONDE Nestled between brunette and blonde, "sandy blonde is a good transitional shade," says Manhattan-based colorist Marie Robinson. "And you don't have to worry about it getting too messed up with chlorine because it's darker, more forgiving."

FAINT PASTELS Both Ashley Olsen and Kelly Osbourne have dabbled in pastels before — baby-blue streaks and an allover lilac, respectively — but the new way to wear them is more understated. "Ask your colorist to add a slight pastel tint to the toner so it will give a blush to blonde hair," says Lena Ott of NYC's ION Studio.

RICH BRUNETTES This season's browns differentiate themselves with a spectrum of unexpected undertones — Robinson loves light browns with a complexion-flattering caramel reddish tone, while Ott favors cedar browns with hints of light-catching violet.

PLATINUM When it comes to visual impact, platinum is a winner. And that Jean Harlow-esque champagne has been updated for today. "Think Nordic blonde like Michelle Williams," says Victoria Hunter of Whittemore House Salon. "Blonde and bright, but really clean."

OMBRé Popular within every color family, ombré (which means "shadow" in French) is an effect where one color at the roots gradually transitions to another shade at the ends. Negin Zand of Sally Hershberger's L.A. salon reveals how to make it modern: "Add fine highlights at the root, then keep it thicker toward the bottom."
ENTRY-LEVEL COLOR Subtle hue changes that make a big impact


Flirt with the idea of red, while still keeping it in the family. "Gloss a blonde with a reddish or strawberry tone," says Serge Normant Salon colorist Aura Friedman. "You can do that really golden coppery strawberry blonde, or a cooler, ginger version like Evan Rachel Wood."


Make your cocoa hue a bit hotter. "Liv Tyler is a great example," says Robinson. "She has a rich chocolate brown with subtle light chestnut shades throughout her hair, so it's not monochromatic and has reflection."


Television's favorite vixen has a red that packs a punch. "What's so beautiful about Christina's red is that it strikes the balance between blue-red and orange-copper, so it could fit a lot of skin tones," says Robinson.

Overexposure to water and sun can translate to major fading for colored hair during the summer months. Here, six tips to keep your color vibrant all season long:

USE PROTECTION. Create a barrier between hair and the elements by coating strands. "Wet your hair first, and then apply conditioner before taking a swim," says Ott. "This will act as a buffer so your hair won't absorb chlorine." Oils like Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment ($32) will also do the trick.

CLEANSE CAREFULLY. Aveda's Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner ($15 each) are gentle on dyed strands, while Kérastase's new Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm ($42) is a sulfate-free, low-foam formula that helps fight fading. If you notice fade-out, try a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner.

TRY A GLOSS. "A gloss helps touch you up in between appointments and protects color," says Ott. "It will also extend the life of your color a bit."

ADD SHINE. A weekly hydrating mask is essential for colored hair. Bosley's Professional Strength Moisture Masque ($39), Marie Robinson's Colorist Cure ($75), and Bumble and Bumble's Creme de Coco Masque ($26) all restore shine and quench dry, brittle strands.

COOL IT DOWN. "When you're taking a shower, just do one quick shock of cool water at the end to really keep in color and shine," says Friedman.

PREVENT BUILDUP. Chlorine, salt, and products can quickly wear out their welcome on your scalp. "A clarifying shampoo is essential during the summer," says Hunter. "But only use it when you really notice buildup [probably once a month] because it not only draws out the bad stuff, it takes out color as well."
NEW COLOR TOOLS With updated consistencies and longer-lasting formulas, newfangled dye products turn your bathroom into the salon


Extend the time between color with handy touch-up tools. Manhattan colorist Rita Hazan's Root Concealer ($24) is a spray-on formula that masquerades both grays and roots, making color last an extra two weeks. "It's easy to use and doesn't come out until you shampoo," says Hazan. Even more straightforward, Avon's Advance Techniques Color Protection Root Touch-Up ($8) is essentially mascara (a comb-in gel tint) for your hair.


Traditionally, dramatic color change has required a trip to the salon, but a couple of new con-tenders may change that. Kelly Van Gogh's Multi-Dimensional Luxury Colour ($39) uses a patented cold-pressed delivery system that pushes color deep into the hair cuticle while simultaneously nourishing strands. And Natural Instincts Vibrant ($9) is a demi-permanent, intense color formula that lasts up to eight weeks, covers grays, and can lighten hair.


The texture of the moment is light-as-air. L'Oréal Paris' Sublime Mousse ($10) has a frothy consistency that can be massaged in like shampoo, while both John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour ($13) and Clairol's Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam ($9) feature fluffy formulas that provide even coverage and can be applied with fingertips. Bonus: All are completely drip-resistant.

1. "Always start in the back when coloring at home because that's where hair is naturally darker. The hair around your face is finer and more porous, which means that it's going to grab color quicker, and that will give you that wiggy, inky look."

2. "Keep your sections clean and separate so there's no overlap — otherwise, those areas will become darker. If you feel like you need to go over sections, it's best just to do it for the last three to five minutes on the ends."

3. "Make sure hair is in good condition before you color. The more porous hair is, the more it absorbs dye, resulting in inconsistent color."
Some of the best remedies for your hair color problems are hiding in your kitchen.

KETCHUP "If you're swimming in chlorine too much and your hair — any shade — turns green, try using ketchup all over your strands to neutralize the green. Warning: Very pale blondes may turn a little beige." — Marie Robinson

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR "Once a week, do a rinse with a capful of apple cider vinegar mixed with three cups of warm water to seal in color." — Aura Friedman

VODKA "Shampoo, then mix a half-cup of vodka with four cups of hot water and pour it over your hair, avoiding your eyes. This will help remove chlorine and mineral deposits. Plus, it also helps get rid of henna." — A.F.

DISH SOAP "Get rid of chlorine buildup by mixing dish soap with baking soda to create a paste, then put it on the ends, which is usually where you get most of that green discoloration. Make sure to use a good conditioner afterward because this treatment leaves hair squeaky clean." — Zoe Wiepert

COCONUT OIL "Salt water, like the sun, can brighten hair and also break it down and make it drier. Once a week, put coconut oil all over hair and sleep on it." — Z.W.

EGGS, OLIVE OIL, VINEGAR "Mix raw eggs, olive oil, and vinegar into a hair mask, and keep it on for 30 minutes to help color shine." — Z.W.

CHAMOMILE TEA, HONEY "Brew a pot of chamomile tea with a few drops of lavender oil, then add three tablespoons of honey and let it cool to a lukewarm temperature. Pour it over your hair and leave in for five minutes. The chamomile gives blondes a nice golden tone, while the honey makes hair super-shiny and the lavender oil soothes the scalp." 

Christina Hendricks' Red Hair Inspired by 'Anne of Green Gables'

(Getty Images)

Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks is known for her curves and her flame red hair. She's even the one who famously inspired model Karen Elson to dye her hair the exact same shade as the Mad Men star's.

But who inspired Christina to dye her naturally blond locks a ravishing crimson? She tells Elle:
I started playing with red hair when I was 10 years old. I recognize how odd it is now, but my mom let me do it. I was obsessed with Anne of Green Gables and Ginger of Gilligan’s Island, and lusted for that red hair. My mom said, 'Well, let’s throw a rinse on it,' and the next day, my teachers asked what had happened when I arrived at school with red hair.

stylish short hair cuts

Open up any celebrity gossip magazine and you'll see several trendy haircuts in the short category. Whether you want to go super short or just above your shoulders, there are plenty of options. And there's an option for every texture, too, from curly to wavy to straight. Short curly hair can be bouncy and flirty or have retro glamour. Straight hair works nicely in a bob or angled cut. Wavy hair adapts easily to choppy razor cut shags or tousled styles. And pixie cuts are so short that every hair type is fair game.







black short hair cuts

Short black hairstyles are the best option for summer months, and black hair can be cut short in any number of styles.

The gamine hair cut gives hair a very short cut, and usually gives you a boyish crop, but there are ways to make it more feminine. You can get this short hair cut in layers and also make the cut loose and unstructured to give it a flirty, romantic look. Keep the look of the cut light by using some volumizing mousse or foam and then blow dry it using a round brush.

The gamine cut can also be a very short crop that has an androgynous quality, but is still quite feminine. Comb it into a heavy side parting and blow drying it into a wispy shape. Slick the hair on the sides down using some gel and tuck one side behind the ear. Thick, straight black hair is ideal and will look especially pretty in this hair cut.






nuevo corte de pelo

Los estilos de pelo cortos varían en tamaño y formas. Se pueden distinguir tres estilos dependiendo del largo del pelo. Tenemos súper corto, a la altura de la oreja y a la altura de la barbilla. Estos cortes son flexibles y con algunos detalles extras de color o puntas puedes obtener el estilo que más te guste.
Si lo que te provoca es tenerlo súper corto, tienes que estar bien segura antes de ir a la peluquería. Un consejo es llevar todo tu pelo hacia atrás e imaginar como lucirías. Normalmente rostros ovalados pueden llevar cualquier estilo muy bien, sin embargo si tu rostro es demasiado largo, ancho o redondo, deberías optar por un corte un poco más largo. Un cabello súper corto es muy conveniente, sobre todo si no te alcanza el tiempo por las mañanas. Aunque no es un corte muy común, con unas capas le puedes dar volumen. También puedes optar por un cerquillo para darle un toque especial al corte.
El corte a la altura de la oreja también se puede llevar con cerquillo, más largo a los costados y con capas. Este estilo puede ser modificado dependiendo de la forma de tu rostro, pero si tu mandíbula es prominente, este modelo la enfatizará. Además este corte es la base para numerosos estilos, por ejemplo puedes optar por unas mechas más cortas para agregar volumen, también unas mechas con color hacen maravillas y con una plancha de pelo le darás un look más estilizado. Ideal para los estilos tipo hongo.
El corte hasta la mandíbula es ideal para cualquier rostro, aunque el estilista te puede aconsejar para darte características especiales dependiendo de la forma de tu cara. Para este corte existen muchas variaciones y técnicas de corte. El cerquillo puede ser hacia adelante y corto, hacia el costado, levantado. Los estilos son interminables!
Definitivamente cortase el pelo largo es un paso muy grande, por eso algunos salones de belleza cuentan con un software capaz de proveer muestras previas de lo que será tu nuevo look. Cuidar tu cabello debe ser una prioridad para ti. Huméctalo una vez por semana y manténlo alejado del calor.

Miley Cyrus Hairstyles

Miley Cyrus is still looks like that girl next door and Miley Cyrus hairstyles look very natural. She is also a natural beauty who with her long highlighted currently red hair just looks like she slept well and is looking and feeling good. Her make up style is natural so it appears she is not wearing any make up at all and she always looks so fresh and radiant. Her eyes look like they are back lit with natural light and this facial look and skin tone works well with the Miley Cyrus hairstyles.

Whether she wears her hair with great cascading waves or ringlets Miley Cyrus hairstyles look sun kissed whether red or brunette with blonde streaks. With her fresh looking pink cheeks and full brows she does not over do the make up. On her a little goes a long way. She is young enough to carry off the dark full browed look.

Whether Miley Cyrus hairstyles have that long side part sometimes straight or sometimes uneven and pulled together in the back she then has some long tendrils that soften her face. When she does her eyebrows it pulls her whole look together along with her eye makeup colors that makes her face pop.


hottest haircuts for spring halle berry
Halle Berry.
The Look: Ultrashort Pixie
How to get it:
This cut isn't for everyone, but it's perfect for women with a more angular face shape and delicate features. Someone who's confident and feminine can pull this off. To style a pixie cut, apply a glossy spray when wet, scrunch with fingers and let air-dry. Or for a smoother more polished look, dry with a paddle brush. Then use your fingers to add a little texture and mess.


phytolisse shampoosmoothing shampoosmoothes | prevents frizz & breakage6.7 fl. oz.


phytolisse masksmoothing masksmoothes | 48-hour frizz control6.7 fl. oz.


phytodéfrisantbotanical hair relaxing balmstraightens | moisturizes3.3 fl. oz.


phytolisse serumfinishing serum

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