Hairstyles Trends for This Summer

When the weather turns warmer, hairstyle trends will be more practical and easy to manage. There will be more than enough hairstyles that will be flattering to any hair length, short, medium-length and long, casual in the day time, elegant and flirty for the evening hours.

Long Hairstyles
Long curly tousled locks with a lot of texture are ultra-feminine and very sexy. This look is easy to achieve for long naturally wavy or curly hair. It can be done by simply washing the hair, adding a small amount of mousse or any styling product and blow drying the hair. For long straight hair, using a curling iron to curl the hair in layers will create the waves or curl, after which finger combing the layers will achieve the natural long curly tousled look.
Long straight sleek and smooth hair is gorgeous on anyone. For women with curly hair, these long straight flowing tresses can be achieved with the use of a flat iron or hair straightening iron. Use the flat iron section by section on slightly damp hair and allow it to be air dried. To ensure that the hairstyle stays, mist it with hair spray and keep away from rain or extreme humidity
Simple Hairstyle for Summer

Short Hairstyles
For short straight hair, a bob is the ideal hairstyle for spring and summer. Heavy layered bob with a lot of bounce, fullness and body is boyishly feminine and very easy to style and manage. For an edgier and trendier look, go for an asymmetrical cut.
For short curly hair, the seasons’ hairstyle trends lean towards loose and natural curls rather than the tight small curls. Finger combed or tousled short curly hair will give a very romantic look. When layered to frame the face, this short hairstyle for curly or wavy hair will provide more versatility in styling. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

Cute Girls Hairstyles That Men Love

Cute Girls Hairstyles That Men Love
Many women won’t accept it or agree with it, but the truth of the matter is that women spend oodles of money to look good for the men’s benefit. This is the same motivation for a woman’s search for that perfect hairstyle, to look good in the eyes of her man. But men are turned on, not so much with the style but more on the feel of a woman’s hair, a hairstyle that will allow them to touch and even comb their fingers through their woman’s hair. This means natural looking and low-maintenance hairstyles.

Sexy Straight
Sexy lustrous straight locks look healthy and clean and your man won’t be able to keep his hands to himself. He will forever what to stroke, pat and sift his fingers through those lovely tresses.
Smooth and Shiny
Hair like Megan Fox’s, smooth and shiny, draws men like magnet since shine is an indication of youthfulness and vitality

Short Shaggy Bob
Short shaggy bob frames the face and highlights the eyes and cheekbones drawing men’s attention to these facial features.

Pixie cut
Short pixie hairstyle is for women who are self confident and do not need to hide behind long hair. When paired with soft wispy bangs, a pixie cut is super flirty, sexy and naughty and totally irresistible.

Updo with front poof
An updo is super sexy since it bares the shoulder and neck for that very alluring look. Add a front poof and it is elegance to the max. . This is one hairstyle that will wow them all in any formal event.
Loose bun with fringe
A loose bun with fringes that frames the face is stylish and simple but very approachable. It is the fringe that frames the face that prevent this updo from being too severe. Men loves that hint of wildness or that straight- out- of- the- bed look
Soft side pony
A soft side pony is very appealing. It softens the contour of any face shape and flatters them. This updo hairstyle is subtle and understated without looking sloppy and very sexy.
Loose pony
A ponytail is reminiscent of those lively sexy cheerleaders. A more relaxed or loose pony offers a lot of movement lending it allure and charm.
Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

Trendy Hair Colors for Short Hairstyles in 2011

Latest Trendy Hair Colors for Short Haircut Styles
Short hairstyles are becoming very much in demand as a trendy haircut styles this 2011. Many celebrities have realized how appealing these short hairstyles are and more and more fashion icons are seen sporting variations of these short hairstyles, from the elegant to the edgy. Women of all ages also favor the short hairstyles this 2011 because of its easy maintenance and manageability. In addition, short hairstyles are more youthful; highlights bone structures and facial features as well as camouflage lines and wrinkles. This is one reason why even older women also favor short hairstyles.
2011 Short Hair Colors Ideas

To maintain the style and shape of short hairstyles, it requires regular trimming which is really not a bad idea since split ends and other hair damage can be trimmed off. Short hairstyles also allow easier experimentation of hair colors. Hair color on short hairstyle this 2011 is the best way to revolutionize one’s image and be an attention grabber. Color provides the added zing to short hairstyle providing more sassiness and sexiness and extra dimension to it. For short hairstyles this 2011, the trendiest colors are blonde, red, brown and something in between like brunette.
Hair Colors Trends for Short Hair 2011

Some women only go as far as a highlight, but highlights are equally gorgeous looking dark hair with lighter highlights and light hair with darker highlights. Highlights in pink, blue, blond and even orange have been seen worn by authentic hairstyle trend setters such as Rihanna
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